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S.S. Maria Theresa


S.S. Maria Theresa side view

The SS Maria Theresa is the Second out of three ships with diesel electric propulsion for Uniworld River Cruises. We used our knowledge from the off shore vessels that we build to create a complete new redundant propulsion system for the inland sailing ships.

Redundancy is created by use of 6 generators divided over three engine rooms and three switchboard rooms.  In each engine room there are two generators and one, electric driven, thruster. Each engine room has its own main switch board and frequency converter for the propulsion. The three main switch boards are connected to each other in such a way that the maximum redundancy is created.

The ship is further equipped with 8 touchscreens to control and monitor systems like ballast valves and pumps, lowering and raising wheelhouse, sun awnings, railings and masts, draught and height over water and tank quantity. With almost 200 technical alarms the system can monitor almost every technical/electrical aspect on board the vessel. The control and monitor system is built redundant with two controllers; if one controller fails the second takes over with no dips automatically. Crew members can use the system on different operating levels so members don’t interfere with each other responsibilities.

The interior gets you in a 18th century environment at the time when Maria Theresa was ruler of the Habsburg Empire. A huge chandelier, the beautifully painted ceilings, the gold leaf and the splendid interior of antique furniture provide a unique 18th century atmosphere.  The 135-meter long cruise vessel cruises the Rhine and Danube Rivers. There are 64 state rooms, 10 suites and a royal suite for passengers and 30 cabins for crew members. Divided over the 3 decks up to 150 guests and 57 staff can be accommodated.

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Main switch boards

Main switch boards


S.S. Maria Theresa Stairs

Maria Theresa


Wheelhouse at Night

S.S. Maria Theresa  deck planS.S. Maria Theresa  deck plan

Deck plan