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S.S. Antoinette

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Her deck equipment looks like an ocean steamer. The interior is luxurious and elegant, designed by Mrs Beatrice and daughter Antoinette Tollman. S.S. Antoinette is a 135-metre-long Rhine cruise ship in boutique style, built by shipyard De Hoop Lobith by order of Uniworld. Antoinette Tollman gave her name to the ship at the Cruise Terminal in Amsterdam in the presence of the family and the cruise world.


A prototype passenger ship, you might think, with all modern-day equipment. But it is quite different! Which is really unique of this ship is the fact that we find a Blue Strauss chandelier in the entrance hall which used to decorate the New York Tavern “On the Green”. An ornament that already was made at the time that The English realized that Nieuw Amsterdam became New York. Nowadays the chandelier has been insured for a considerable higher amount of money than the salary of a Dutch Prime Minister! We see Brazilian marble on the walls and floors. Venetian glass gives the reception grandeur. There are masters of well-known signature. Uniworld called its most beautiful a Super Ship: S.S. Old Culture sails along, or Small Versaille.




Firstly there are the two Caterpillar C32 of 800 kW. In addition there are contra rotating azimuth thrusters which make the speed of the Antoinette 24 kilometres. In the bow there is an azimuth bow thruster as well as a tunnel thruster. The two warping and holding winches are on the foredeck and situated square to the bollards. Bollards and mooring material can be traced back to seafaring ships. The wheel house has roof wings which give a nostalgic impression. With the Skylounge and Leopardbar on the upper deck this passenger ship distinguishes itself from usual.




The Antoinette has with a collapsible Skylounge of 137 m2 and the 85-square metres-big Leopardbar a number of constructions which have never been realised in the building of cruise ships before. The wall-to-wall windows in the cabins, for example, open electrically so that the guests have an outdoors of their own.


Droste Elektro, responsible for all wiring and electrical installations, has built its showpiece with this very technically executed ship.




A 46-cubic indoor swimming-pool with massage and health-room is embellished with all round mosaic and teak decking. There are very differently decorated state rooms, suites and –last but not least-, the presidential suite. This is a 36,6 m2 luxuriously decorated accommodation with a big stylish bathroom with an abundance of marble.

Film lovers can watch recent films in a cinema with twenty very comfortable seats.  ss a leopard bar ss a lounge ss a swimming pool ss antoinette slaapkamer deckplan ss antoinette