Electrical Maritime Installations

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This one belongs to the LQB, that is Living Quarter Barges. The Rossini is the seventh in a row for Wagenborg Offshore in less than one year! On the basis of a 135-metre-hull of a container river vessel 17 complete living units have been placed which are fully self-supporting.

The Rossini is the biggest LQB of the entire fleet which can accommodate 440 employees. The ship was tested in order to be able to resist the severe weather conditions, of plus 30 degrees to minus 20 degrees.

In the middle of the ship the Rossini has a relaxation room where 75 people can be seated. There is an Internet café, a laundry and linen room, fitness room, sanitary room, surgery and a quarantine ward. It has also a complete professional kitchen with restaurant with 220 seats.

In the engine room there are 4 generator sets of 400kW which generate a 3-phase 400VAC, 50 Hz.

Because the Rossini is going to be stationed in a scenic area, absolutely nothing is allowed to be thrown overboard and come into the water.

On the lower deck there are two pump rooms. In one room enters the sewage water and in the other there are reverse osmosis type pumps for drinking water. In total these three osmosis pumps can make 150 m3 drinking water a day from outside water. This is stored in the double hull of the ship. In the double hull there is a heat exchanger which heats the drinking water from minus 2 to plus 8 degrees.

Rossini barge

Rossini barge