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Candies Fleet

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Candies fleet: Amy, Celia, Emily, Keri, Mary Francis and Melissa Candies

In the early part of 2002 Droste Elektro was commissioned by shipbuilding yard De Hoop Houma (Houma Fabricators) to build six suppliers for Otto Candies. This assignment also implied the delivering of all components, the supply of a complete engineering package and the training and guidance of the electrical crew present at the American shipbuilding yard. Eventually two suppliers of this series were built at Shipbuilding yard De Hoop and four at the American shipbuilding yard.

The ships all have (almost) the same length and beam measurements but are used for different purposes. Some ships have been provided with tanks for the transport of mud and cement to oil rigs, others are used for the inspection of pipelines under water (these have been equipped with diving equipment) and another services as a fire fighting vessel.

All the ships have three generators of 900kW each, which fully automatically and load dependently gear on the shipboard network. The drive comes about by two 900kW electric motors which are regulated with the help of a frequency drive, coupled to Rolls Royce rudder propellers. For the bow thrusters two systems have been applied: one with the help of a frequency drive regulated 400kW and one 350kW with a star-triangle-gear. All six ships have been provided with a Dynamic Positioning System. In the ships that transport mud and cement there are, besides the normally necessary pumps, always six pumps of 90kW to keep the cargo moving in order to be able to pump it to the platforms.

The ships have been built to Lloyd’s Register class and meet the requirements of the American authorities.