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Bourbon Trieste

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In the year 2007 Shipbuilding yard De Hoop delivered a MPSV (Multi Purpose Support Vessel) for the firm Bourbon, BNR 422.

Droste Elektro Ltd. took care of the complete electrical installation of this project. The power source of this vessel consists of four Caterpillar generators of 1360 kW each and a Caterpillar emergency generator, which can be operated with paralleling switchgear on the main switchboard, according to the power demand.

The drive is realized by two electric motors coupled to Rolls-Royce thrusters. In the front there is a retractable bow thruster (Rolls-Royce) and two tunnel bow thrusters. All five drives are controlled by a DP2 (Dynamic Position class 2) system which makes satellite-referenced operation possible, which is necessary for the ship to stay on its position on the open sea.

The ship is provided with a fire-fighting system with three fire pumps and it is possible to envelope the entire ship in a cloud of water mist which allows it to navigate through a burning area. On board there is a hospital in order to render all necessary medical assistance on the spot and – if needed- even a mortuary.

Because of the height of the bridges, it was necessary to remove the wheel house (which was already in operation) before transport along the river. In Rotterdam it was put back again and reconnected.


Shipyard: De Hoop, Lobith

Owner: Bourbon Offshore

Buildingyear: 2007

Length: 85 metres

Width: 18 metres

Depth: 7.40 metres

Crew: 70

Main generator: 4 x 1360 kW

Propulsion: 2 x Caterpillar 2450 PK

Speed: 13 knots