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Amado Daniel

amado daniel2 Amado-Daniel cabin Amado-Daniel meeting room Amado-Daniel cantine Amado-Daniel pilot house Amado-Daniel

Amado Daniel is a Diving Support Vessel (DSV). The Amado Daniel is the second ship in a row of 3 ships for Oceanografia S.A de C.V in Mexico.

It was designed and built to construct, inspect, repair en maintain offshore installations, shear operations at sea, deep-sea diving, ROV activities and rescue operations. The Amado Daniel has a helicopter apron and a big Liebherr shear which can lift a maximum of 300 tons to a height of 20 metres and a maximum of 100 tons to 43 metres. The radius of the shear reaches up to 60 metres. In the middle of the ship there is a diving installation where diving is possible to a depth of 300 metres. There are two compression and decompression chambers available for the divers. The ship has a crew of 250 members.

An own power station

In all three ships there are 4 electric diesel generators of Caterpillar which each generate 1825KW at 1800rpm. These generators are placed in the central engine room. A low-voltage system of 480v. was chosen to keep the costs as low as possible.

This ship was delivered in February 2010.

Because of the height of the bridges, it was necessary to remove the wheel house (which was already in operation) before transport along the river. In Rotterdam it was put back again and reconnected. Whereupon the ship started the required sea trials.

Droste Elektro took care of the complete electrical installation.


Owner: Oceanografia, Ciudad Del Carmen, Mexico

 De Hoop, Tolkamer.


Lenght: 105,13 m.

Width: 24,00 m.

 4083 PK.