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Amadeus Silver

Amadeus Silver

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The tenth flagship of the Austrian river cruise specialist Luftner Cruises, which was built at the shipbuilding yard De Hoop, is called Amadeus Silver.

It was officially delivered on the 12th of April 2013 and immediately after the ceremony it entered upon a full season of cruises on the rivers Rhine and Danube.

Examples of techniques which make the ship special are the propulsion system combined with a refined hull to enhance the fuel efficiency. This results in a significant emission reduction because of which the ship gets a ‘green ship’ licence. Energy saving LED lighting all over the ship, an ultramodern sound system in the public spaces. On demand television, full-WIFI connection and GPS tracking system for every cabin. The Internet connection is reached by satellite receivers or by UMTS aerials.

The absolute priority was to reach an optimal saving on energy and air pollution for the whole ship. In 2011 Luftner Cruises won the winning award for ‘Green Globe Certification Highest Achievement’. It is believed that this certificate will be preserved for the Amadeus Silver at least up and including 2015.


Owner: Luftner Cruises

Shipyard: De Hoop, Lobith

Build: 2013

Passengers: 180

Lenght: 135meter

Width: 11,40 meter

Depth: 1,45 meter

Propulsion: caterpillar 2 x 1014 pk

Motortype: c32

Bow thruster: 476pk caterpillar Veth-Jet