In 1985, Guido Droste started an electrotechnical repair company for the shipping sector. Three years later, Erik Goosens joined the company. Since 1994 they have formed the management. Guido Droste as the commercial director and Erik Goosens as the technical director.

Over the years the company has become focused on shipbuilding. During the past twenty years they have installed electrical systems in almost every imaginable type of ship. In addition, Droste Elektro has grown to become a partner that helps clients consider every option and provides wide-ranging advice over every aspect that may have to do with ships’ electrical systems. Through the years, data communications, antenna applications, telephone systems, sound systems, and alarms systems for fire, security and other monitored conditions have been added to the range of systems they service and install.

Since the early 90’s, several shipbuilding projects have been undertaken. They started with the electrical systems for the new construction of a daytime passenger ship (MS Solar). From there the company progressed to more complex projects as electrical propulsed cruise ships and off-shore vessels. In the past years Droste Elektro has outfitted more than fifty cruise ships and twenty off-shore vessels with a complete electrical installation.

 Since 2000, Droste Elektro is also active in sea shipping. The first realised project was six diesel-electric driven suppliers that were constructed in the United States. After this they accomplished more then twenty off-shore vessels for different clients.

For a more detailed description of these and other ships, see Projects.



First Droste Elektro building

First Droste Elektro office building

old droste2

Second office building  Droste Elektro b.v.

employees droste

Today’s office building Droste Elektro b.v.