About Us

Droste Elektro b.v. is a complete electrotechnical installer for the shipbuilding industry, also referred to as a ‘system integrator’.

You can entrust Droste Elektro b.v. with everything on board that has to do with electricity or electrical engineering. Examples include power supply systems, nautical equipment, navigation systems, data networks, communications systems, satellite-linked systems, panel construction, sound systems, lighting, etc.

As a system integrator we can interconnect these systems. We provide complete engineering, coordination and execution. Our personnel is qualified in all these areas. For the client, this results in a significant advantage: responsibility for the complete on-board system falls to Droste Elektro b.v..

Droste Elektro b.v. is located in Tolkamer, The Netherlands (near Arnhem). The management consists of Technical Director Erik Goosens and Commercial Director Guido Droste. The company was established in 1985 and since then grown to more than twenty professional, highly motivated employees.

Ships on which Droste Elektro b.v. has worked can be found around the globe (more information about these projects can be found on the other pages of this site).

Scenic Gem Entrance

Scenic Gem Entrance

Pilot desk under construction

Pilot desk under construction

For various types of ships we can deliver the electrical design and/or material packages. Also a complete electrical propulsion package can be delivered. The complete electrical installation has always been our specialty. Our motto still is:

‘one subcontractor for everything with a wire’

Products and services:

  • Antenna systems
  • Audio
  • Cables & wires, electrical
  • Electric motors
  • Electric propulsion
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electrical installations
  • Electronic instruments & equipment
  • Fire detecting alarm systems
  • Navigation equipment
  • Switchboard
  • Main switchboards
  • Distribution boards
  • Video
  • Entertainment systems
  • Hotel TV systems
  • Room control systems for hotels and cruise ships
electrical setup for msb

electrical setup for msb